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First Friday with 3DMentional


5$ Admission at the Door

5 Djs
Live art contest

Sign up for a chance to win free guest list, use promo code "freefriday"

*winners must enter venue before 11pm*


****** Dj Troll ******
Cincinnati, Oh
Cincinnati Bomb Squad (CBS) • Beat Faction • Back to the Streets • Stillfresh • DV8 • Warehouse • Sweat • Gravitybass

DJ Troll aka Brian Arnberg is one of the early pioneers of the American Drum and Bass (DnB) movement and the first herald of the Jungle/DnB sound in Cincinnati. Troll began DJ’ing in 1989 after being exposed to 80’s alternative, synth-pop, industrial, new beat, and acid-house music. While exploring the early rave sounds at various night clubs and Culture 7 Records, he began incorporating a lot more of the faster tempo, break beats and sped up vocals into his sets—a style that was later termed as UK breakbeat and hardcore until Jungle/Drum and Bass (DnB) became a genre in it’s own right.

Troll got his first real taste of turntablism from Mike Bollinger and his Uncle Phil, who owned the 80’s underground dance club The Clubhous/Metro. DJ’s Mindcandy and Daisy, who were steady figures in the early rave circuit, gave Troll lots of support and the inspiration to develop his sound further. Known then as Kid Tekno, long time friend DJ Bad Boy (Nauti-Groove) called Brian “DJ Troll” and the name stuck.

After throwing a series of rave parties in the early 90's, Troll helped begin the legendary CBS (Cincinnati Bomb Squad) crew and worked at Clubhead Records as its DnB specialist. In 1997, Troll teamed up with Bob-A-Dob (Clubhead Records) to form the first Cincinnati DnB weekly event called “Rinse Cycle. A year later, he started another DnB weekly titled “Sweat” which was first held at Club DV8 and then moved to a couple different venues until 2013. Year 2000 sparked a collaborative effort with many other DnB artists for a new weekly event titled “Gravitybass” where Troll was one of the regular performers. Many other local, national and international performers played at Gravitybass for next few years. Troll has also held many club residences at DV8, Renaissance, The Warehouse, Clique, BackBeat, and Beat Faction.

Always known for his quick and precise mixing skills, you can expect DJ Troll to drop a tasteful variety of DnB to get the dance floor pumping and the bass bins pounding.


******Phillis Wayne******
Dayton, Oh
Sine Waves


******Dj Kevin D Ville ******
Indianapolis, In

Detroit, Mi


Cincinnati, Oh


******Tanner Roop******
Dayton, Oh